E-Sports As A Career Option In India

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Can esports or gaming be chosen as a career option in India? Well, let's find out.

The first thing to take a note about is, what is E-sports?

In simple language, we can say that professional gaming where skilled participants come together in a competition or tournaments for a battle against each other to win prizes and money. But is it all about E-sports? No! There are a lot of things other than gaming. And getting skilled in only one game which we are good at, is not done. It depends on the popularity of the game where more people are attracted towards. Like for now, PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in India. They are organizing a hell lot of tournaments. So, the more the audience, the more investors, more sponsors, and ultimately, more money for the players and more skill development.

Current Scenario of E-sports in India

choosing esports as a career option in india is not so straight

Optioning for a career in E-sports or gaming and making your parents ready is the biggest task. Because of less awareness of e-sports to Indian society, it is still not seen as a career option in India. And if you have already persuaded your parents for it, kudos to you!

Although, it is slightly changing. For the past few years, the Indian gaming community has slightly started growing and many people are opting for this career. For now, it’s not a stable career but within the next few years, much of the things are going to change. Spreading awareness and promoting e-sports is what we need. Many content creators are trying their best to do so. We have also started a small approach. You can visit us for more info.

What You Should Do:

You should practice and hard and it will pay off. You need to build your experience and learn from people who are already pursuing the same, work towards your goal.

What other things are there other than being a professional gamer?

There are a lot of other things considered in the world of E-sports. It needs time and focus on the particular career the individual is trying to pursue.

List of the career an individual can pursue in the world of E-sports:
  • Professional player
  • Host
  • Coach
  • Content Creator
  • Marketing Executive
  • Admin or Referee
  • Social Media Manager
  • Production Crew
  • Event Manager

Professional player:

For becoming a professional you will need to master a particular game. The only way to be successful in this career is practice and practice, the more you practice the better the result you will be getting. You have to start at the local tournaments, compete, get better and push yourself to the international level. In a nutshell, practice is the key. And for becoming a professional player high-end hardware is must which is an expensive scenario in India.


You can become a host or cast esports tournaments. This is also a good career option and has great potential in this field. For this, you should have good anchoring skills. You should have the ability the keep the audience intact in the game and communication skills are the next big things needed. Good communication skills will take you to the Host or Game Casting or Commentary jobs in the tournaments.


This is the one which is lagging in India because Indian gaming is still not at that level. But in the next few years, it has definitely got a scope. You can be a mentor to a team if you are good at the game and can teach and help others to master the game. Pretty much like other coaching jobs.

Content Creator:

Content creators have a bigger role to play. Being a content creator you will be providing information and promoting gaming culture. Even Live streaming and entertaining the audience is a big task. This is also a good option. As a content creator or streamer, you have to promote gaming as a whole and not a particular game. Promoting and spreading awareness about Indian Gaming Community and all kinds of game is a must-do task. This is how the community will grow and we would see a better future in gaming and E-sports.

Admin or Referee:

If you very experienced in gaming, then you can also be an admin or referee in the E-sports tournaments. They also have an important role in inspecting the players while tournaments are on. They are the ones who keep an eye on illegal things happening. Basically, you need to monitor the tournament, if you happen to be an admin or a referee

Social Media Manager:

Social Media managers have also an important role in spreading awareness about gaming and upcoming tournaments. Their duty is to keep the audience up-to-date with all kinds of news and updates related to gaming. They are the ones who advertise about the tournaments, events or even teams and players.

Event Manager:

Event managing is another career opportunity you can opt for. As an event manager, you need to manage the events conducted by the company you are working for. These events include tournaments, game launches, promotions etc.

Game Testing:

Being a game tester you have to test the gameplay at the same level or same thing, again and again, to find bugs in the game. Your job is to find bugs and problems in the game and report it to developers to fix it. Sounds interesting, isn't it? For this career option, you should be familiar with games and should have excellent communication skills to convey the exact problems in the game. Being a game tester you can get a gate pass to start your career in gaming. You get to participate in various gaming tournaments within the company and outside too. The most interesting part is that you get to play new games before anyone else. You get the latest updates too, before anyone else, ofcourse. A bit of basic gaming knowledge and your passion for gaming can lead you to this career. And having coding knowledge will always be the plus point.

Game Developer:

If you have good knowledge of programming and also have a passion to play games and develop a new one and create new things with your programming knowledge, you can pursue this career in the esports arena. It is a dream job for many to be a developer in any working space. You can be a game developer if you have a passion for gaming and making new games.

Our take

Mobile gaming has started growing in India, all thanks to PUBG, and people are reaching new heights. And the next big thing is to spread awareness about PC gaming which content creators are trying to do in all possible ways. Already some organizers like DREAM HACK and ESL are conducting tournaments in India for games like Pubg Mobile, DOTA 2, CS GO and PUBG PC. The deserving players are getting good name and fame but to make this thing bigger and to make this a stable career, more and more tournaments should be organized at regular intervals. Developing a strong audience count will bring the hardware and other companies to invest in the E-sports scenario in India. In a nutshell, the gaming industry is still growing in India and you have more probability of reaching the top because the competition is scarce.

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