Is 64 tick server killing CSGO?

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  • 64 tick servers compared to 128 tick servers are have slow processing speed.
  • CS GO has been using 64 tick servers for matchmaking since its launch in 2012.
  • New FPS games like Valorant use 128 tick servers.

In layman’s terms, the tick rate is the frequency with which a server you’re playing in is capable of updating what you or any other player is seeing. It’s usually measured in Hz. So when a server shows that it is capable of a 64 Hz tick rate, it means that it’s capable of updating or rather sending new packets of information 64 times in a second. So a server with a 128 tick rate will be updating the information twice as fast, and there will be no loss of visual information when a lot of things are happening at the same time around the map. The game-play on a 128 tick server feels a lot smoother compared to a 64 tick server.

Presently Valve allows 128 tick servers in CSGO only in FACEIT and ESEA. But all official matchmaking CSGO servers are of 64 tick server. Moreover the number of ticks in a server also affects the weapon accuracy in the game. CS:GO community members Zool (@ZooL_Smith) and u/kinsi55 have come out with substantial evidence which proves that tickrate affects the accuracy of a weapon in-game. The outcome of their personal experiments has led to the same conclusion that tickrate is directly proportional to the accuracy of the weapon i.e. higher the tickrate more accurate is the weapon. The first person to bring this theory to light was CS:GO Twitter personality Zool who via a Tweet stated that “It seems higher tickrates makes guns more accurate. Might be a bug in how they calculate accuracy stuff.” Though he was the first to point out the difference in accuracy the same weapon (M4A4) displayed on servers with different tickrates.

Zool's tweet on advantage of 128 tick server over 64 tick server

The images shared by him showed that if a user was to spray with a weapon, then the weapon would come back to its stationary accuracy faster on a 128-tic server.

So one might wonder why doesn't Valve shift to 128 tick server?
Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, people with higher ping or lesser network bandwidth will benefit from a lesser tickrate. And secondly, it's cheaper to maintain a 64 tick server compared to a 128 tick server.

Since the release of 128-tick servers from third-party providers, players have expressed that their shots feel more crisp and accurate on the improved server hardware. Until now, most chalked that up to the server's increased tickrate and how it registers shots. But with the reveal that CSGO's weapons actually recover faster and become more accurate more quickly, there's now some real substance to go along with this theory. And it is evident that Valorant's promise of 128-tick servers has been attracting a lot of players from other FPS genres, especially from CS: GO.