jod meaning: jod/jod or wot(what)? meaning in Valorant chat and gaming

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jod meaning: jod/jod or wot(what)? meaning in Valorant chat and gaming: Let's take a look at the word/phrase "jod/jod or wot(what)?" that is commonly used in the Indian gaming community.

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Meaning of jod

The word jod is seen on numerous occasions in the All/Team chat during games whenever a player pulls a thrifty round, clutches or just gets a spectacular clip. Players also from time to time use the phrase "jod or wot?" when the aforementioned situations happen. The word "jod" just means "GOD".

The phrase "jod or wot?" means "God or what". This phrase is used whenever you just cannot believe what you just witnessed. It means you're asking the person who got an insane kill whether he/she is a God at the game or not.

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The earliest usage of this word can be traced back to Tanmay "sc0ut" Singh playing and streaming Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds mobile(PUBG mobile) and calling "jod" to anyone and everyone who clutched or got an amazing kill. He even called himself jod whenever he got a spectacular kill.

When asked about the meaning, he replied it just means God. But it's not good to compare any random person to God, hence he uses the term jod. He also used the phrase "jod or wot?" from time to time. The term and the phrase from that day became synonymous in the Indian Gaming community.

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