TSM Subroza says SkRossi is Forsaken? talks about Indian Valorant scene

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TSM Subroza says SkRossi is Forsaken? talks about Indian Valorant scene: TSM FTX Subrosa talked about the state of the Indian Valorant scene and how SkRossi looks like former Optic Gaming CSGO player, Forsaken.

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TSM FTX Subroza is a professional Valorant player playing for Team SoloMid. He has successfully established himself as one of the top tier professional players in the entire North-American Valorant scene due to his nutty aim and unreal mechanics. He streams regularly on twitch.tv. Subroza has become quite a big name in the Indian Valorant community as well. He along with his teammate TSM FTX WARDELL are among the few streamers that Indian Valorant players enjoy watching who are not from India.

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During one of his streams, someone donated him with a message saying "Do you think teams from regions like India which never got recognition in CSGO have a chance to make it in Valorant?". To this Subroza quickly responded by saying "It's definitely going to be harder for them(Indian Valorant Scene) because the competition isn't going to be hard as NA or EU. Usually when your region has like really good competition, like NA teams are getting really good so you get better practice. So naturally, all the teams will get better so fast".

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Subroza explained himself by saying that it's is going to be hard for the Indian teams to get to the NA Valorant teams' level as they never get to play the NA teams. He said it's not impossible but definitely harder for the Indian Valorant scene. He even agreed to the fact that maybe the Indian region eventually gets more better than other regions because Valorant being a new game, any region could just take over the professional scene.

Subroza believes that every region has had the same amount of time to develop itself. He then jokingly began to read someone's message in his that said "Maybe if they pickup Forsaken!!". He said he has watched some Indian Valorant matches and he believes that the Indian scene is not bad. He even said he talks to Indian professional players pretty often and he thinks the scene is getting better.

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"SKRossi is Forsaken with a couple surgeries"

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The same person who asked the first question donated him again and said "There is a guy called SkRossi who plays for GE that looks exactly like Forsaken". Subroza jokingly replied "What if it's him, you know with a couple of surgeries".

Forsaken was a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who played for Optic India alongside Marzil, Antidote and Haivaan. He tried to cheat in an international LAN tournament but got caught by the LAN officials. He was one of the biggest reasons for the CSGO professional scene to fade out in India and this scandal even made Optic Gaming just quit the Indian CSGO scene and drop the entire roster. The Forsaken scandal is arguably the biggest cheating scandal caught on LAN in the Counter-Stike: Global Offensive scene.

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Subroza then googled SkRossi and looked for his picture. He then opened another tab and googled Forsaken CSGO and started comparing both their faces and mockingly said "It's him, it's Forsaken. Ladies and Gentlemen, WE GOT HIM".

You can check out the entire clip here if you want:

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