PUBG Mobile: Top 5 tips to master your gyroscope skills

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PUBG MOBILE: Benefits of Gyroscope

1. Gyroscope boosts the performance of 2 thumb control setup, as it improves aim and reflexes.
2. The gyroscope has great use in controlling recoil in PUBG Mobile, but that depends on how you master sensitivity settings.

PUBG Mobile has been the fastest growing sensation in India which pulls a large section of Indian youngsters and adults. It has evolved greatly in India but from the past one year it is turning out to be an Esports focused game.

As PUBG Mobile is a very competitive game and all the professional players around the globe have felt the need of switching to gyroscope from only ADS (Aim Down Sensitivity) where you don’t have to touch your phone screen to change the direction. With gyroscope always on it becomes quite easier to control the recoil of the guns while aiming at different targets, have faster reflexes than others, and have an advantage over your opponent.

When you’re using gyroscope, you can aim towards the targets without using your thumb. And therefore, having faster reaction time during your engagement with multiple enemies at the same time. Here we going to learn how gyroscope works and how to master its settings.

Ways to use Gyroscope in, PUBG Mobile

1. Gyroscope in scope-on mode only (uses Gyroscope while the player is using ADS)
2. Gyroscope always on (uses gyroscope when a player is in first/third person as well when he is using ADS).

Pubg mobile gyroscope
Turn Gyroscope to always on

Open the game and click on the Settings option on the main screen in the bottom right. Scroll down a little in the basic menu and turn on the gyroscope to always on.

To adjust your Gyroscope sensitivity according to your device and requirements, In the Settings menu select the Sensitivity option and scroll down to the bottom. Here you get the options for adjusting your sensitivity, starting from red-dot/holographic up to 8x scope.

high sensitivity
Gyroscope Sensitivity

An important point about gyroscope is that the higher the sensitivity, the lesser will be the accuracy but you’ll get a better recoil control and vice versa. However, if you’re using a DMR or a bolt action sniper rifle lower your sensitivity.

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For you to master recoil control using gyroscope your phone should be stable, you should have a good grip and avoid shaking your phone during spray transfer.

Another important factor that might reduce your accuracy is you use ADS while in scope on mode. Avoid using ads in the long-range spray as you might touch your phone screen during your spray which would make it shaky and you’ll choke in long-range fights. That's why many players shift to 1ADS sensitivity for long-range sprays.

Steps to master Gyroscope:

It takes around one week to master the gyroscope, but it also depends on how good the player is.

Pick up M416 with an extended quickdraw mag in training mode in pubg mobile

M416 in Single Tap Mode
Switch to Single tap mode

Step 1: Switch your M416 to single tap mode from auto mode and start aiming at the moving obstacles. And try to hit as many targets as possible in the 40 bullets.

Step 2: Now try to improve your aim and hit maximum headshots on single tap and shoot the targets.

Step 3: With maximum accuracy hit all the targets in auto mode.

Step 4: Now move to other obstacles and practice spray transfer and try to hit with maximum accuracy while aiming at different targets.

spray transfer on enemies head
Spray transfer

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with all scopes and guns for best results. To get your perfect sensitivity and get a good practice of gyroscope and you can use it in classic matches and competitive matches.