Ludo King: Tips & Tricks to Win The Game

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Ludo King is the modern version of the board game which is trending right now. People these days are sticking themselves to this game due to the lockdown. Recently, it has become a concern for many gamers. Indians love to enjoy it with their family and friends to kill time at home. It is distributed by Unity Games and has gained over 100 million downloads due to the ongoing quarantine. Let’s see some tips and tricks about this ancient dice game, which will definitely help you to win the game.

Basic Things to Keep in Mind

Ludo King is the game of the 90’s era and kids loved it playing. If you are born after the year 2000, this will probably be a new game for you. Before we get into the detailing of the game, you must be aware of basic things. This will help you to understand complex reasoning later on.


Ludo King is a classic board game where you progress by rolling a dice. It was developed back in December 2016 by an Indian game studio- Gametion Technologies. The launch certainly gave the players a glimpse of their childhood memories.

You can play it on your own as the server matches you with random players in various game modes. It also has the option to play with computer in order to practice for real matches.

Game Modes

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  • If you play Computer Mode, you will be the only person against three computer-controlled players. They will play just like normal players and give a tough competition.
  • Although it is based on a classic set of four players, it can even be upgraded to six players mode for larger gatherings.
  • If your friends are far away, don’t worry! You can create a private room and send invites to your friends, eliminating the distance.
  • Normal online modes will act as entertainment boosters. Interact with random players and make new friends for future games.

Rules of the Game

In the starting, each player is given four tokens of same color to play with. The aim is to move all the tokens to home, first player accomplishing the task will be crowned as the winner! The houses are right in the middle of the board. Once a player wins, the game ends with rest of players getting consolation spots.

Players rolls a dice to move their tokens from base to home. In order to bring out the token from base, you need to hit a Six on the dice. Moreover, rolling out a six provides you another turn. Make sure to make the best out of that extra turn. But don’t forget, rolling three consecutive Sixes will cancel your turn.

You can even capture your opponents token. If you land on the same tile where the opponent was already present, you will send that token back to the start (base). If you want to keep your token safe, try to reach those 8 safe tiles on board.

Ludo King tips & tricks to win

The gameplay is simple yet full of fun. If you want to win almost every game, you need some tricks and tips. This will increase your chances of winning. More or less, you even require some luck!

Try Moving Tokens Out of Base

One of the effective tip for Ludo King is to move out your tokens from the base. Whenever you hit a six, just use it to withdraw a soldier from the base. It will also let you have another chance to roll. Some players do focus on a couple of tokens and rush to bring them home. That is not the right strategy as other players might kill them on the way.

In many situations, you won’t have any token to move as the left ones are not yet activated. This will also reduce your choices to use the dice numbers. So, it’s always better to keep moving with all of your soldiers out and ready. Who knows you might not hit a six for a long time.

No Sympathy for Enemies

Whenever you roll the dice, always pay attention to killing the enemy tokens. To increase the probability of killing, make sure you have all your tokens in the field. Whenever you roll the right number, always go for killing the enemies. This will not only give you another roll, but the opponent will have to start all over again. This reduces the risk of your opponent reaching home before you.

Avoid Grouping

Many a times, players try to group up their tokens. But I would suggest you to spread your soldiers on the board. This would distract the focus of your opponents as they have to keep a check at multiple locations. It is risky to put all the tokens in one area. Moreover this gives you more chances of killing the enemies token.

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Claim Daily Rewards

Many players neglect to collect free coins in Ludo King. They don’t claim daily rewards which are free of cost. Then eventually when they run out of coins, they have to buy it with real cash. Coins help you to play online games and be connected with your friends. So, always make sure to collect the rewards whenever you log in the game.

I am sure that these tips and tricks about Ludo King will help you in some or the other way. You can subscribe to us to get more tips and tricks about Ludo King and other mobile games.

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