PUBG Mobile Season 13: Toy Playground

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PUBG Mobile has recently witnessed the update version 0.18.0 that was officially released on May 7, 2020. According to the patch note, the developers are all set to release out the next season of the game ie. Season 13 Royale Pass. The community is eagerly looking forward to the new season along with several exciting rewards and other improvements in the game.

Unlock Date of Season 13

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As the players are getting familiar with this new update in PUBG Mobile, the Season 12 will end and the RP will get into lockdown mode for 24hrs, which means nobody will have access to the RP Missions and hence won’t be able to complete the pending ones. Finally, season 13 will be on the Global Platform on 13th May 2020.

As always, the season will offer you a free as well as Elite Royale Pass. Also, you can purchase Elite Upgrade Royale Pass for 600UC, and Elite Plus Royale Pass will require 1800UC.

OutFits and Skins

Although Season 12 will end on 11 May 2020 and the new season will begin after a maintenance break for the server, a bunch of leaks had already surfaced on different platforms. No doubt, players are super excited about this new season, but they would only be able to get their hands on some of the new outfits after purchasing the Royale Pass.

#1 Lego Vector Skin

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The name of season suggests that it will be full of toys and other games, and thus the first skin we are going to unleash is the Lego Vector Skin. This will give a brand-new look to your vector. All the 4 colours will not only make it attractive, but also matches with the season theme.

The Power Ranger symbol on the right side of trigger suits with those colours. Every detail is completely furnished and makes this gun both attractive and deadly.

#2 Mythic Outfit

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Power Rangers Mythic Outfit will be available to the players buying the Royale Pass. It will get unlocked on completing the 100 levels of RP. This outfit itself give nostalgia about the power rangers everyone used to watch. This leads to the theme ie. Toy Playground.

In addition to it, we will also see a shield attached to the character.

#3 Ghost Outfit

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It would be included among the rarest outfits available in the game. The outfit will feature a gas mask and gloves to make it more ghosty!

The level at which it will be unlocked is still a mystery itself. You might be able to even buy it from the crates. So don’t forget to get your hands on this new Ghost Outfit.

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