New method to improve your aim on CS GO

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This article helps you to become a good aimer in FPS games like cs go/CSS/cs1.6. If you don't have any friends to play with like me you want to compensate that with your aim, so you are at the right place.
First, let me talk about common mistakes we do at counterstrike.
we hop into matchmaking without a proper warmup.
According to our reliable sources professional players like Kenny, scream, fallen etc they practice on workshops 20-30 minutes killing bots. Then they proceed to play headshot -only servers racking up 100 kills per main weapons. Then they proceed to matchmaking.
Most players just get into matchmaking directly without any warmup and blame on teammates for losing matches(typical cs match).
Let's get into the alternate method of improving aim.
Download any aim practice maps like Aimbotz/Yprac's bot practice.

You have already seen pro players flicking so fast and hitting 99% shots during practice. but we all don't know that they didn't start flicking so fast when they started playing FPS games. if we start to practice flick shots really slow and steady we can improve.

  • You need to start killing bots really slow, you can take 4-6 seconds to kill one bot.
  • During this process confirm every kill and start over if you miss shots.
  • after 100 kills take time to 2-4 seconds between each kill if you mess up start over.
  • after another 100 kills reduce time to 1-1.5 seconds between kills.
  • at this point, you will notice you are missing fewer shots than before.
  • if you find your limit and don't strain pushing yourself over it.
  • You can repeat all these steps again 2 times per day.
  • Do this for a week and you can see you are always on point in MM.
As always GLHF!

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