Nuturn Gaming defeat Sharks in a nail-biter at VCT Masters

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Sharks Esports (Brazil) vs Nuturn Gaming (Korea) was the last matchup for day 1 of the VCT Masters 2 and they did not disappoint!

On the first map, Haven(Sharks pick) saw Sharks dominating the first half(10-3) and finally closing it at 13-5. Just when we thought the third match would also be a 2-0 clean sweep, Nuturn started to turn things around on their map pick, Bind with a 10-2 first half in their favour and closing it at 13-5. Out of the 3 matches that were played on day 1, this one has to be the most interesting one because of the climax, i.e., the third and the final map, Bind.

Up until Sharks Esports first-round win which was the 10th round, the entire team had just 5 kills combined! This showed everyone that the Koreans are not to be taken lightly at all! We could see that Nuturn Gaming was just better and way ahead of Sharks Esports on the third map. This map ended at 13-5 in Nuturn Gaming's favour.

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Gaabxx(SE) was the match MVP with 238 combat score and 47 kills to his name even though his team lost. On the NU side, peri was their team MVP with 228 combat score and 45 kills to his name.

Now, Nuturn Gaming has advanced to the upper quarterfinals where they will face the winner of Team Liquid vs Version1 and sadly for the Brazilian fans, Sharks Esports has to fight at the lower bracket to remain in this fierce competition.