[Leaks] New hero updates in December: Teemo, Darius, Draven, Diana upcoming heroes?

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Wildrift has been in open beta for almost a month now, the game has received minor patches and a K/DA event during this period. Hero leaks have been going around the community for quite a while and out of the 55+ heroes, 4 heroes have shown a high probability of coming during December, possibly when the new open betas for the other regions release?

Take this piece of information with a grain of salt, as nothing has been officially confirmed from the devs themselves. However there have been youtube videos from mobile Moba content creators concerning leaks and also reddit posts.

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Are the four heroes mentioned confirmed?

You will see so many articles on the internet confirming around 55+ heroes which have been found in in-game files. I have seen screenshots of various heroes and by far I have seen only Teemo with actual skill icons images.

However, this does not really confirm anything, but scouring around the internet these 4 heroes have been reported to have been seen on testing servers. The developers have not actually confirmed anything and are probably working on their matchmaking and regional servers.

There might not be too many major updates during open beta

Wildrift open beta

Wildrift is a game which has been hyped for over almost 6 months and the hype almost died down until the developers released a new dev diary mentioning closed beta. Since then the game has started receiving traction among MOBA community members and esports organizations as they know a game from Riot receives quite a lot of attention and funding for tournaments and such, and this game was a mobile version of one of the most well known MOBAs from pc, League of Legends.

With the game set to launch around mid of March 2021, which might even be extended due to the pandemic, updates are to be expected far than frequent.

The uncertainty and unease felt due to the pandemic has affected the world, and WildRift developers are included as well. They have been putting out updates though on a timely basis and also communicate with the community on issues concerning the game and they also have listened (Ezreal nerf patch) previously.

Why Wild Rift matchmaking feels almost similar to Mobile Legends

Ranked matchmaking
matchmaking experience

I have been playing the game since open beta and I did receive my share of inexperienced players who did not know about the game, which is fine. However after around 2 weeks of playing, there was a high number of games where the players felt like bots who would basically feed themselves to the enemy. Pings began fluctuating after they cut VPN access from various providers, however the VPN access was cut for that specific purpose, to ensure players who are in the open beta region do not lag due to other players outside of the region.

Connectivity bugs and issues
bugs and issues faced by players (Fixed)

The number of players from other regions did not really decrease, as they simply found a new vpn service which was not banned. My take is that, while finding a solution and trying to place people using VPNs in a specific server, something went wrong in the middle.

Vpn bans
Vpn bans

There were screenshots of players getting banned for 720 hours due to VPN use, however I am pretty sure that the number of players receiving the ban were quite low. Riot simply did the equivalent of scolding a bully who has been abusing someone, it simply was a solution which was there as a solution only in paper. So, what would have been the solution? Well, I am not a developer by any means and only someone who writes stuff on the internet and lurks around reddit.

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