Riot announces Wildrift Pentaboom tournament with a $66,500 prizepool involving creators and players from SEA region.

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Riot has announced the Wildrift Pentaboom showdown, with 8 teams battling it out for $66,500 and sponsored prizes.

The official event organiser IO Esports, will be hosting the event. However, it will likely be held online as the pandemic prevents a mass gathering of people. Estimated date for the event is around Mid December as Riot does mention they want to host this tournament before the year ends.
The event will feature creators and players from Cambodia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Why Riot might be hosting this Tournament

Wildrift cringe ad screenshot
Wildrift being a mobile game has to follow the cringey ad trend

We all know how much mobile MOBAs are popular in the SEA region. Games with almost 0 traction in the EU/NA regions such as Onmyoji Arena, Mobile Legends, and various other MOBA oriented games have a wide and populous range of demographic in the SEA region.
Riot probably wants to capitalise on this region as much as possible as even when the game is on open beta, they have started executing similar marketing tactics to Valorant, their rising game in the FPS genre. Along with their tournament, they also have announced that they will donate $60,000 in charity to five different organisations among the forementioned regions which help under-privileged children.

A very philanthropic move by Riot but given the estimated profits from the region itself, giving some to charity will prove beneficial to the company and its employees itself.
Additionally the streams will be featured in various languages with their own casters in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

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Creators who will be featured

Youtube thumbnail of WIldrift players Alodia and Jess No Limit
  • Chea Gaming, Henaa gaming, Prom Official ML and T26.haha from Cambodia
  • Cindy Gulla, Jess No Limit, VY Gaming from Indonesia
  • Fredo Sameon, Harris Annuar, Ismail Izzani, Soloz and XK Penjahat from Malaysia
  • Ace Gaming, GuGu, I C E I C E, Original Matt Channel and NX Live from Myanmar
  • Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Dexie Diaz, James Reid and Megan Young from the Phillipines
  • Danial Ron (TITAN GAMERS), Nathan Hartono, Ryan Tan (Night Owl Cinematics), Sezari from Singapore
  • Dx Channel, JAI RAW, May Pitchanart from Thailand with an additional member yet to be announced
  • ADN Dang YM, Be Chanh Gaming, Milona, Misthy and Msuong from Vietnam

Will it be the same for the NA/EU regions?

626 League of Legends Wild Rift – Open Beta is coming to Europe and other regions in December on

If Riot follows up on Wildrift like it did in the NA/EU regions where the open betas are about to start (Not NA), Riot might as well have a MOBA game which will dominate over other MOBAs like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Onmyoji Arena as the developers do very less for the player base and focus more on the monetary aspects such as skins and more. Mobile game players are often players who are unable to make time for their favourite PC Mobas or people who wish to play casually on a short length of time with less braincells cracking as is the case for PC Mobas.

Mobile MOBAs are often built to garner a wide demographic and they base their game upon easier learning tactics, but neverthless mastery in any field requires almost equal amount of dedication from players. WildRift might be proceeding towards that acheivement of making a game easier accessible as well as very skill-based on higher levels.

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