You can play Wild Rift now with a VPN but be careful (7 step guide)

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You can download Wild Rift open beta now in India and other countries with a VPN. But you need more than just apk and obb file to play without issues. Here is how to play Wild Rift without invitation.

Riot's LOL: Wild Rift entered the open beta in several, but not all, countries on October 28, 2020. More countries will be added to the list soon. But players in some countries, including India and North America, will have to wait for 2021. While the devs explained the delayed launch of Wild Rift in these countries, players could not be sadder.

Wild Rift delayed in India, NA, and SA but all is not lost, explains Riot

Since the game is in open beta currently, everyone in the eligible countries has access to Wild Rift. Well, this means literally anyone can use a VPN to download the game's apk and obb and start playing, even in unavailable countries. So what is the problem then? Can we simply download the game files and jump into the game with a VPN? Well, Riot, in-fact all publishers, know this. They are not that dumb. They are going to ban your IP address, and maybe, even your account right away. And after that, you will get something like the image below. So, how to play Wild Rift without issues?

play wild rift with vpn, but be careful

How to play Wild Rift now with VPN and without issues?

  1. Download the apk and obb files

    First things first, you are going to need both the apk and obb files. You can download them from anywhere, just google it.

  2. Install the apk file and open the game

    You have to install the game using the apk file and open it. Doing this will create a folder to hold the obb file in your device. This will throw an error that says 'the game you downloaded is damaged, please download again' but don't worry, just close the game.

  3. Open  Android > obb > com.riotgames.league.wildrift

    Now you have to open Wild Rift's obb folder in you device. Just go to Internal Storage > Android > obb > com.riotgames.league.wildrift

  4. Copy the obb file in Wild Rift's obb folder

    Just copy the obb file you downloaded to Wild Rift' obb folder, the one you just opened (Internal Storage > Android > obb > com.riotgames.league.wildrift).

  5. Install a VPN, free is okay but premium is preferred

    Install any VPN which has server in the Wild Rift open beta eligible countries. You can download any VPN but premium is preferred, reasons for this are later in the post.

  6. Make a new Riot account with the VPN

    Make sure that you are connected to the VPN, and create a new Riot account by going to

  7. Open the Wild Rift app and login with your new Riot account

    Open the game and login with your new Riot account, don't disconnect the VPN. Play Wild Rift and enjoy!

How to not get into trouble while playing Wild Rift with a VPN from India or other ineligible countries?

Well if you have followed the above steps correctly, you are all good. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind, read below.

Why premium VPN?

We are asking you to try a premium VPN to play Wild Rift, or any other game, because of various reasons. First things first, free VPNs are slow, which means you won't be able to play Wild Rift. And secondly, there is a fair chance that Riot already knows about the IP address assigned to you by the VPN, and it might be that they have already blocked it.

Why new Riot account for Wild Rift open beta in unavailable countries?

Well, we are suggesting you use a new Riot account because in the worst-case scenario your account may get blocked, and I am not imagining things, Riot has already done that. And the second reason is that you can not transfer your server region, for example, if you have an account in Singapore, you can not transfer it to India. That means anyways you will have to make a new Riot account to play Wild Rift when the server is available in your region.

I hope that I have answered all you questions and addressed all your concerns. If you still have something, do let us know in the comments below, and also let us know if you want to build your own VPN for playing games.

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