New Modern Warfare Season 5 Leaks: COD

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Modern Warfare or Warzone leakers have uncovered a Call of Duty sniper rifle, the R700, and guaranteed it could be added to the game in the new Season 5.

As Infinity Ward bringing back weapons, for example, the Galil and Vector in ongoing seasons, it presently looks as though an exemplary expert sharpshooter rifle from past titles may likewise be included for Modern Warfare and Warzone players in the upcoming season. Leakers have uncovered an early glance at this new bolt-action rifle and are telling that the R700 may be one of the following weapons presented in Season 5.

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The R700, which initially showed up in CoD 4, is known for its mind-boggling one-shot damage potential and could match weapons like the HDR and AX-50 in Modern Warfare and Warzone. An early look of the new weapon was spilled by BKTOOR, who uncovered that it was as yet incomplete regardless of being added to the game documents.

In spite of the fact that the new rifle is as yet being tried, the CoD leaker was as yet confident that the R700 may be discharged sooner or later during Season 5. Nonetheless, with the expert marksman still incomplete and Season 5 commencing on August 5, it is conceivable that the R700 could be included later in the season.


While it has been classed a sniper rifle in past Call of Duty titles, it could likewise be moving into the Marksman Rifle classification in Modern Warfare, like the Kar98k. This new weapon is still yet to be affirmed by Infinity Ward and players will probably need to hold up until August 5 preceding the Modern warfare developers uncover more on the season 5 updates.