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Players are loving the new Library Mode in PUBG Mobile. This new “Gun Game” event was released a few days back on the global platform. It seems that the community is hyped up with this brand new game mode added in the Arena section of the game. This mode is basically an inspiration from a similar mode in COD. However, the developers at PUBG never fail to bring out new things to make this game more exciting.

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As we see the growing demand of this mode, we decided to bring you some of the Tips & tricks for New Gun Game Event. Make sure to read the complete article for all the details.

About Library Mode in PUBG

library mode in pubg

Library Mode or the Gun Game event is the newest and so far the most exciting mode of the game. This mode is available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday for the players. It’s been locked for the other week days. Also, this mode is not yet finalised to be made permanent for the community. As of now, this event is time-limited and will get removed in a couple of weeks.

Changed Atmosphere & Map

Unlike any other Arena map, this new Library map is specially designed for this mode. In comparison to its fellow maps, it is quite big and that’s what players like about it most. You have a symmetrical layout for both the teams with an additional floor for fight. This floor is joined with an open corridor to provide a better angle to shoot.

library mode in pubg

Players can easily take cover behind the arranged book stands placed around the map. Tables provide more covering opportunities while firing at your opponents. This place is full of opening and you have to be more concentrated towards the game. An unwanted guest might appear from any corner and shoot you down!

Secret Passage

library mode in pubg

There is a small passage along the either sides of the map. Not many players are aware of it yet, so you can use it for a surprise attack. You have to jump followed by crouch to get in the duct. You can easily move upwards directly into the enemy base. Moreover, sliding down that passage will directly land you at the bottom floor. This avoids the chances of getting killed while running down the stairs.

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Gun Selection

The best thing about this new mode is the introduction of the Gun Game to the players. You will have to kill a new player with a new gun. Absolutely, the previous technique to sticking to a single over-powered weapon will no longer work here. You will start with basic SMG’s like Vector, Uzi, Thomson or even UMP.

library mode in pubg

As you progress in the game, you will be given upgraded weapons that are available in PUBG Mobile. Don’t forget that you will automatically change your weapon whenever you kill an enemy. This will distract your aim and the fire spray will get distorted. So you must keep in mind the next weapon that will spawn for you, so that you can be prepared beforehand.

Winning Tactics

As your kills increase, the mode becomes difficult for you. The ultimate goal is to reach the mark of 18 kills for your team. The final kill is to be done with the Pan! The highest score getters of each team are displayed on the top of your screen. Make sure your team is way ahead than your opponents.

This requires mastery of almost every gun of the game. You can’t complain about not being able to shoot the pistols, crossbows or shotguns. This mode is more of being mentally prepared as you are quite unsure of the weapons set that you will be provided. Both the teams are given the same sets to maintain fair gameplay.

Overall Plan

  • It’s recommended that you must have sufficient grip on the weapons.
  • Make use of the provided covers and the Secret Passage!
  • Support your high-point teammates
  • Don’t rush and play game with proper planning
library mode in pubg

All these techniques will increase your chances of winning. Do make the best use of this mode as it is time-limited! Also let us know your highest kills in the Library mode.

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