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  • Agni is one of India's biggest Valorant tournament.
  • Valorant Agni boasts a prize pool of Rs 4.24 lakhs for players.
  • Another Rs 2 lakhs is for influencers.

Valorant has a formidable fan base in India and recently we have seen an invitational tournament organized by NODWIN. The invitational tournament was announced in a talk-show hosted by Mr. Akshat Rathee and had Mr. Sukamal Pegu among other Indian influencers and athletes in the panel. In the same show, an open Valorant tournament was also hinted about, but we didn't get to hear much about it until today. Today only, NODWIN has announced the Valorant Agni series. Well, enough talking. Let's get into the Valorant Agni series details.

Valorant Agni Registration

The open-for-all tournament will have four single elimination qualifiers and one grand finals at the end. The registrations first qualifier is open till 17th August 2020, starting 4th August. The registration for last qualifier will end on 28th September 2020. You can register for the first qualifier for Valorant Agni series here. The date of the grand finals is yet to be decided.

valorant agni qualifier details
Agni Qualifier Details

Prize Pool For Players And Influencers

The massive prize pool of the Valorant tournament by NODWIN Gaming has Rs 4.25 lakhs for players and Rs 2 lakhs for the influencers around the tournament. The first prize in the players' category has Rs 1,50,000, while each runner up team in all four qualifiers will get Rs 25,000.

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The first prize in the influencers' category has Rs 70,000 and a total of 8 spots with Rs 10,000 for the 8th position.

Valorant Agni prize pool
Valorant Agni Prize Pool Distribution

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So this is all we know till now about the Valorant tournament by NODWIN Gaming. Let's see if we get to know any new face through the tournament. Stay tuned for the latest developments around Valorant in India.

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