Watch: CR neth's post-match interview is winning hearts

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Crazy Raccoon (CR) had a pretty good start and were looking promising in their first match of the VCT Iceland against Version1. Although V1 won 2-0, both the maps were very close with a score line of 13-11 and 13-10 on Ascent and Icebox respectively. CR were pushed to the Lower Bracket after losing to V1 and were to face X10 Esports.

CR again started with a good performance but lost the first map, Haven, 13-9. CR were in the match till the first half of the second map, Icebox, with 7-5 favoring X10 Esports but they could not manage to pick even a single map in the second half and were sadly eliminated from the tournament. Crazy Raccoon's neth was the team MVP with 33 frags and 251 ACS.

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Later in the post match interview, neth got emotional when asked about his final thoughts for the fans. neth's interview is surely heartwarming, watch it yourself.

CR neth is winning hearts with this interview by Gamzo

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