Psy and co. Valorant roster joining XTZ Esports?

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The former Noble Esports Valorant roster comprised of Psy and co. which had disbanded recently seems to have joined a new organization - XTZ Esports.

Although nothing is official or confirmed yet, there's a high chance that Psy and the team have joined XTZ Esports for their new Valorant roster. The registered teams for Acer Predator League 2020 has leaked out the above information about XTZ Esports. 2 out of the 5 members of the Psy's team have registered in the tournament as XTZ Esports players.

xtz esports registered team
Rexy and Harsh, ex-Noble Esports player

The team had already won many titles in the past, yet some disagreements had caused them to part ways with Noble Esports two weeks earlier. Since then, the team had remained org-less and were looking for one. This leak from the Acer Predator League 2020 website proves that XTZ Esports had approached them right after their disbandment.

You can know more about the tournament here:

Acer Predator League 2020

While Noble Esports are still looking to invest into another Valorant roster in South Asia, and XTZ Esports now coming through, the scene is scaling up high and we can expect a tighter competition in India.