PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Loot Spots in Livik Map | Exclusive Map Locations

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  • Livik Map is the newest addition in PUBG Mobile
  • We will discuss some never seen loot spots in livik map

All the community is really hyped about the 0.19.0 update of PUBG Mobile. As the new and exclusive Livik Map is added to the game, players are keen to explore it. This is a small map with 2km x 2km of area and just 15 minutes of survival.

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Loot Spots in Livik Map

Similar to any other ordinary map is the game, you need a decent loot to get to the last circle. Deadly guns and sufficient ammo are required to survive the battleground. Less loot means more chances of getting killed in the game. Thus, we bring to you the Top 5 Loot Spots in the Livik Map.

Disclaimer- The loot patterns are totally random and some variations might occur occasionally.

Loot Spot #5 Iceborg

east port 1 on

Loot Quality- High

Loot Quantity- Very High

Risk- Medium-Low

Iceborg is one of the safe loot spots in the map, situated on the north-eastern grounds.

As the map presented above clearly shows that it is present in the corner of Livik map. It makes it slight difficult when it comes getting into the zone. Most of the times zone is towards the center and it’s quite challenging to rotate back to the zone.

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It creates a great opportunity for passive players to get a descent loot. The area has several buildings and a church (similar to the one in Erangel). This makes a perfect spot to loot and you have to hurry as the circle might get hard shifted.

Loot Spot #4 Blomster

east port 2 on

Loot Quality- High

Loot Quantity- High

Risk- Medium-Low

Blomster is another fine loot spot on the map, north-western plains are named as Blomster and have small houses and a few buildings.

This place provides some of the best ARs in the game. Players using ARs as their primary weapon prefer to land here as it can be easily founded in the houses. Further, sufficient ammo can also be stored in the inventory for long lasting fights.

But this place has its own disadvantages. Being an open location, there are not many covers for protection. You must be aware of surroundings as enemies will find it easy to shoot while you are looting.

Loot Spot #3 East Port

east port on

Loot Quality- Medium-High

Loot Quantity- High

Risk- Medium

This place is a perfect alternative for Iceborg and players can also land here, depending upon the plan path. This area is quite alike with Rozhok and has a big warehouse. You can loot there as soon as you land. Moreover, you can find this place easily on the eastern edge of the map.

A boat is always spawned on the coast side that can be used to get in the zone without getting spotted. There is enough loot for your squad, especially if you are a beginner, looting in this area will be a great idea.

Loot Spot #2 Power Plant

east port 3 on

Loot Quality- High

Loot Quantity- Medium

Risk- High

The name sounds similar to the Mylta Power in Erangel map, so does the location. If you have played Erangel several times, you will have definitely seen a couple of nuclear plants there. It has enough loot for the players that makes it a risky place to land. Always expect gun fight near the place as it also has a huge stadium (similar to the one in Pecado)

Power Plant is known for spawning Snipers and DMRs, so if you consider yourself as a good sniper, this place is for you. Moreover, you will easily find scopes for your long ranged weapons.

Loot Spot #1 Midtstein

east port 4 on

Loot Quality- High

Loot Quantity- High

Risk- Very High

Midtstien is the best location to loot in the Livik Map. This location has a systematic cluster of buildings and apartments. Being located in an open area, this is the perfect place for aggressive players. In addition to this, many streamers were seen landing on this location for an early fight.

If we talk about the loot factor, it offers better loot in comparison to other locations in the map. Get yourself a gun and start taking down enemies before they run inside. Keep a track of enemies landing and rush before they have any chance to fire at you.

Don’t forget to mention about your favourite location to land in PUBG Mobile’s Livik Map.