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  • Last of Us 2 was definitely one of the most awaited games of the year
  • The game has also broken many records, fans are a bit unhappy with IG character Abby though
  • Abby is being hated online to the extent that its artist, Laura Bailey, has got death threats
  • But why do people hate Abby? Why do some people hate the game itself?

Introduction To Abby

Abby is one of the important characters from the Last of Us sequel. She has appeared in the Last of Us 2 and she has major screen time in the game. She was initially inducted in the game, Last of Us 2, back in 2017 and people were okay with it. It was believed back then that Abby was Ellie's mother, false claims though. The character of Abby is played by Laura Bailey.

hate abby last of us 2 why do people hate abby

What is this Last of Us 2 controversy all about?

The person playing Abby in Last of Us 2, Laura Bailey, has shared some photos on twitter, in which people are abusing her and some of them have even gone to the extent of threatening her to kill. Laura Bailey has to suffer because Abby, the in-game Last of Us 2 character, has done some really shameful acts in-game. We should not threaten an artist however connected we are to any particular character. It's fictitious after all.

But why do people hate Abby in Last of Us 2? Is Abby that bad?

Well, there are a few 'plot-holes', as I feel, for which fans are hating Abby, a few people are also hating Abby for a few other reasons. So yeah, these are the reasons why people are hating Abby.

Abby kills Joel in Last of Us 2

Among the people who hate Abby, most do because of this reason. Because of the fact that Abby kills Joel, one of the most important characters of the story. Fans are more angry because she kills Joel just a few hours into the game, probably in the second hour.

Screen Time of Abby in Last of Us 2

One of the reasons for rage against Abby, and Laura Bailey as a side-effect, is the amount of screen time Abby gets in-game. In the later parts of the story, players have to play as Abby. People want to play as Ellie, the heroine of the game, but they have to play as Abby for as many hours as Ellie. So yeah, that is the plot-hole I was talking about. I too love Ellie (sic).

Bodily features of Abby

Well, if you ask me, this is just nonsense and absurd but, a fraction of people also hate Abby just because she has a masculine body and her physique can easily challenge most of the characters in the game Last of Us 2. Well, these people are reasoning that it is impractical to have that kind of body for women in the post-apocalyptic era.

Other reasons why people are hating Abby

A few people also hate Abby because it was leaked, before the release of Last of Us 2, that Abby was a trans. Those are false of-course but still, there are people who just can't get over that lie. Homophobia.


It is just not justified that an artist has to bear the consequences of the character she plays. However heinous acts Abby has done, Laura Bailey should not be said anything. She worked hard to get into that shape and play Abby, that's the work of month. Let's not disrespect at-least if we don't disparage. The Last of Us 2 is a great singleplayer, you should play if you haven't already. You can visit our Facebook page. We are currently playing the game live.

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