PUBG Mobile Guide For Noobs #4 | Ultimate Survival Tips

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Hey there fellow noobs,

How’s it going? This is part four of my PUBG Mobile Guide and if haven’t read the previous parts yet, don’t forget to check them out. In this part I will be talking about some general survival tips. Make sure to give these a consideration as these survival tips may help you survive till the last zone easily. If  this or any other article of mine helps you out in any way do let me know by dropping a comment below.

I have already discussed landing and looting in these maps in my previous articles. Now that you know where to drop and how/what to loot, let’s move forward and talk about how you might survive for the longest period possible.

Survival Tips

- If you’re just starting out, it is always advisable to land at a neutral spot as far away from all the hot drops as possible. Also while diving, look around and see if there is anyone else dropping in the same spot as you. You can do this by dragging the eye icon just below the mini-map.

- As soon as you drop, prioritize your loot. Look for a gun first. It doesn’t matter what gun you find, even a shotgun would work. This way you can defend yourself while moving around houses etc. Then move on to armor and a backpack. After that you may go around looking for your preferred guns and items.

- If the zone is less than 400m away, always try running for it instead of going for a vehicle (except in Vikendi). Vehicles make a lot of noise and alert enemies within 100-200m of your location. Use a vehicle only for dire situations.

- After looting initially, wait for a crate to drop. When it does, go near its position because the position of a crate gives you a rough idea about where the next zone might be. If you wait around the crate patiently you might even get some free elims by killing the people trying to loot the crate.

- Unless you’re trying to initiate a fight, do not go into a hot drop area after the 3rd/4th zone. If you do, there is a high chance that a camper might be sitting in a nest ready to just scope you out. You wouldn’t even get a chance to retaliate and that loser might end up killing a good noob player like you.

- Always equip a red dot/2x scope on your scope.  This helps in controlling recoil and also gives you a broader field of view. This is also highly beneficial for close quarter fights as the recoil in bigger scopes makes it uncontrollable.

- If you’re trying to take a peek at someone, drop a random smoke around you somewhere just to distract him. The smoke makes the other player lose his aim on you and you can easily take a peek at ham and not worry about getting headshotted.

- In the final circles, make sure you are always boosted up. This way you can easily counter zone damage and if you get shot, you will have to spend less time in trying to heal up.


- If you get shot from somewhere and you cannot figure out where the shot came from, find the nearest tree/boulder and go prone behind it. Then start taking a drink and cancel after a second. This way the guy will most probably try taking a shot because you tilt when you are trying to take a drink when you are prone. You can then map where this new shot came from, thus revealing his location.

- Never go off guard while going to the zone, a snake can be hidden anywhere. Always be vigilant and be on the lookout.

- Always strife while trying to shoot someone in a CQC, this way they have a  less chance of hitting you.

- Never take a shot at someone until you are absolutely sure that you can knock/kill the person without giving him a chance to heal/shoot back. No point in getting into unnecessary sniper/patience fights.

Anyway that’s all for today folks. I will be explaining more about the weapons and survival tactics in other posts so be sure to check those out. Also join our discord server and hit me up if you have queries regarding any mobile game. You can add me on PUBGm as well (CottonCandy420) if you want to chill and get some dubs.

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