PUBG Mobile: Brand New Jungle Mode

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PUBG is a game that keeps on evolving with each update. All the new modes, features and gameplays are the real source of excitement. The developers try to bring never seen before mechanics to the game which will add more fun in the game. After the Miramar got its Sandstrom and Vikendi got its Arctic mode, now it was the turn of Sanhok to get something new and interesting.

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Sanhok being the smallest map in the game right now is one of the trickiest ones. Moreover, the developers at PUBG Corp had a hard time designing it. They personally traveled to the corresponding location in south-east Asia to get the visualisation. According to the team, they could have a more practical touch to the map if they can physically feel the fresh air and hear birds chirping. The result was the immense atmosphere of Sanhok.

Now this map is all set to welcome a new gaming mode, “Mysterious Jungle”. Along with it, players will see several new features and modifications in the game. According to the leaks, we will we receiving new elements like Hot air balloons and Totems. Apparently, these Totems can be used to grant some kind of wishes or items to the player holding it.

Hot air balloon will be more of like the helicopter from the Payload mode. Once you are on it, it will fly high in the sky and you can easily survey the battlefield. This will allow you to shoot at your enemies without getting hit. But remember, it would be more like an uncontrolled helicopter, so enemies will be eager to shoot at your balloon without hesitation.

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Rest, we have to wait until 1st June to get our hands on this update. Who knows, we might see some surprising factors too!

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