PUBG Mobile: Getting a New AI Interface

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PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is just around the corner and we got a new leak about this upcoming update. The game is all set to launch a New AI Interface that is to be added after this update hits the global platform. If you have ever played Call of Duty, you will be familiar with this AI system.

PUBG Mobile Enemy AI System on

This new feature will allow you to automatically give call to your team members using an interface software. It will include whenever you kill an enemy, reloading a weapon or even gets knocked down, the system will automatically send a message in the chat. It will help your teammates to look for you in case the trouble arises.

This system is highly recommendable as the important calls will be sent out without doing it manually. It will help you to focus more on the gameplay, rather than calling for help again and again. The chat will automatically say ‘enemy down’ after you knock an opponent. Also, if you are down, the system will say ‘help’ so that you can be revived ASAP!

PUBG Mobile Enemy Down AI System on

This feature was first observed in COD game. It was appreciated by the players and so now PUBG has decided to do something similar. It will enhance the Battle Royale experience to high ends. Make sure to stay tuned for more leaks about the upcoming update 0.19.0

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