Epic Games Store soon to arrive on Android and iOS | Mobile

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny recently mentioned in an interview with Gamespot that he wishes to bring Epic Games Store to mobile i.e. Android and iOS platforms.

In the past Epic Games have earned its name and stayed in the news with its free sales and giveaways. Now that the mobile gaming market is also witnessing an upsurge in users. Epic Games has finally decided to enter mobile gaming.

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In a meeting with Gamespot, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny said that the Epic Games Store may come to Android and iOS soon. The move isn't really astonishing, taking into account that Epic won't discharge Fortnite through the Google Play Store on Android. The organization did in the long run have Fortnite on the Play Store, however.

Epic Games Store being versatile could profit by the organization's association with Tencent-a behemoth in the portable gaming market. Tencent could even discharge some Store Games special features to charm players towards the stage. Epic's standard technique for giving out games for nothing won't work that well, as most famous titles on mobiles are allowed to play for free.

Tim was quiet in particular and didn't make reference to any discharge date. Epic shouldn't experience any difficulty working on Android, as Google is very liberal with outsider application storehouses. iOS, then again, will be a bit tricker as Apple keeps up an iron hold around application appropriation stages.

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Epic Games Store coming to the Mobile is a huge bonus for fans. Now, we will be able to enjoy a bit more PC stuff on Mobiles.