PUBG Mobile: Guide to Master Every DMR in Game

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DRMs or the Designated Marksman Rifles are among some of the under-rated weapons in PUBG Mobile. This category contains weapons like Mini-14, SKS, QBU, SLR, VSS, and Mk-14. It’s like having fun of AR and a Sniper in a single gun. You can attach an 8x for long shots and even use them in close combats. However, their slow firing rate is compensated by high damage.

These weapons are tricky to use and sometimes players are not able to use them at full potential. So, the Guide to Master Every DRM in Game brings you some points that you must consider while handling them.

Choosing the DMR

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The most important tactic is to grab the appropriate DMR for yourself. The choice varies according to the map you are playing. Many players are in favour of using Mini-14, as it has the least recoil. Moreover, it can be found easily in the maps like Erangel and Miramar. If you are in Sanhok, a similar gun QBU can be used for easy control. But in the last, it depends upon your preference of weapon.

Aiming is the Key

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Most of the DRMs in PUBG Mobile have only single-tap mode. This makes it difficult to control them in many cases. So, you must improve your aiming skills and practice to land most of the bullets on the target. Moreover, they possess the capability to even knock someone with 2-3 shots, even with the level 3 armour. Adjust your aim accordingly and control the recoil while firing. They will be more deadly in large maps like Miramar and Erangel.

Tap Tap Tap

This sounds a bit crazy, but it’s the best way to eliminate enemies. After you aim properly, you must fire quickly to knock down the opponent. Unlike the ARs, you can’t just hold down the fire button to shoot continuously. As the DRMs are single-shot guns, you must act quickly. Otherwise, the enemy will get alert and find a cover to hide.

You should not miss any opportunity to get those kills. Also, prone to shoot will reduce the recoil even further. Comment down your favourite DMR in PUBG Mobile.

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