PUBG Mobile Guide: 6 Must-Know Tips to Use Flare Gun

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Flare Gun is one of the rarest items in PUBG Mobile that brings you to crate weapons like MK-14, AWM, Groza, AUG, DBS, and other utilities including ghillie suits and scopes. When we talk about getting loot, players always try to get the best for themselves. But, when we shoot a flare gun, it leaves a bright trail in the sky that reveals your location. Nearby enemies would try to grab your crate and will attack enormously. Here we bring you 6 must-know tips and guide to use the Flare Gun in the game.

Getting a Flare Gun

Prior to anything else, we must learn how and where to find this gun. Due to its rarity, only a handful of them are present on each map. These can be spotted easily due to the bright red colour of the gun and shouldn’t be left behind.

Talking about the locations, we have collected some high percentage areas where the flare gun is found.

  • Erangel: Georgopol, Military Base, Mylta Power
  • Miramar: Pecado, Los Leones, San Martin
  • Sanhok: Bootcamp, Ruins, Paradise Resort
  • Vikendi: Castle, Villa, Dino Park

However, there are no official locations and flare gun can spawn even in a small shack.

Place to Fire

flare gun tips and guide

The next thing to keep in your mind is about the area you want to use it. You must make a wise decision before shooting that whether you want a super drop or an armoured vehicle. To get a loot supply crate, you must be inside the safe zone at the time of firing. If you are out of the circle, the plane will drop a BRDM with full gas.


flare gun tips and guide

The common mistake that many players do is to fire it on the rooftop. It will cost you a super drop without any benefit. The drop always falls near the firing zone and can sometimes stuck at places where you can’t get access. Also, finding a good cover nearby will provide more advantages.

Bait for Enemies

flare gun tips and guide

As mentioned, the flare will attract all the nearby players to your drop. This will be a great opportunity to get some kills. If you have enough loot and still have a flare gun, don’t waste it, rather use it to lure enemies. Grab a safe position and just wait for some easy kills.

Looting Tactics

Once the super drop lands, you will never want to die without even checking what’s inside. Smoking near the drop is always a good practice as you can hide from campers. Moreover, grab everything you need in no time and rush to high ground. This will help you to have a better visual of your surroundings.

Avoid Firing in Final Circle

flare 30902 on

The flare gun provides you with the best loot you could ask for, so don’t stick to it till the last circle. You want to fire it as soon as you get it. As the final circle approaches, you won’t have many chances to fire as it will reveal your position. Moreover, players just hide and play safe, thus this item would be useless at that time.

We hope that these Flare Gun tips and guide will surely enhance to your gameplay.

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