PUBG Mobile INDIA Teaser with 3 Legends | Official Release of the Game?

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A brand new video teaser of PUBG Mobile INDIA has been uploaded on the YoutTube channel. This is a kind of official release of the game as the developers are planning to launch a new version in the country.

The past few days have been very exciting for the gaming community, especially for the players in India. After the news of servers getting shut down for the region, PUBG players were disheartened as now they will not be able to play. But recently, there was an official word from the developers that they are planning to bring out a new version, known as PUBG Mobile INDIA.

pubg mobile india

This news spread like a wild fire and everyone started to wait for the launch date. Although, there has been no news of the official launch date of the game in India, we came across a teaser that directly signals toward the launch of this new version.

Teaser of PUBG Mobile INDIA

The 3 legendary players of PUBG Mobile got featured along with the teaser, Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kronten. There can be nothing more special for the Indian players to watch. They all are depicted to be sad due to PUBG ban in India. This definitely brings a 100% confirmation that PUBG Mobile INDIA is on the verge of getting released.

Launch Date

As we are quite sure that it is going to be released, there are no rumours about a fixed date. The PlayStore still will show no results when you search for PUBG Mobile. So, we have to wait until the launch date is announced.

Stay tuned with Gamzo for the news of launch date and other major updates. Share this post with your squad and tell us down in the comment section about your views on this.

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