PUBG Mobile: New Season 16 Tier Rewards Leaked

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  • These Season 16 tier rewards are still in making
  • The final results will be almost similar to these

PUBG Mobile is making its way through Season 15 and there are only a couple of weeks left before it ends. Everything will be reset including the tier and other player stats. You will get tier rewards as per your rank in the season. As we are close to the beginning of the new season, the internet has already witnessed Season 16 Tier Rewards. Let’s have a quick glance at those amazing rewards that are totally free.

What are Season 16 Tier Rewards?

Each season, all the players are given some free rewards for their performance in the game. the rewards are based on the rank (tier) of the player during the past two months. The highest rank in the whole season is taken as final, not the rank at which you ended the season. The higher the tier, the more impressive rewards you’ll get.

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Bronze Tier Reward

season 16 tier rewards

It is the lowest tier in the game and you can’t go below it. Thus, even if you do nothing, you are sure to get 200 fragments after the season ends. There are no additional rewards in this tier.

Silver Tier Reward

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As we go up, the reward increases to 400 fragments. This is a great opportunity for new players as the silver fragments can be exchanged for items in the shop.

Gold Tier Reward

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This is where things start getting interesting. Along with the assured 600 fragments, you will be given a cool brown outfit. This will be permanent item and can be used while playing matches.

Platinum Tier Reward

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The reward now will be 800 fragments will a matching golden face mask for your previous earned outfit. They will be a perfect combination to depict your grasp over the game.

Diamond Tier Reward

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Reaching Diamond tier means you are a good player and thus PUBG Mobile gives you 1000 fragments. As we all are aware that Thompson SMG got a buff and you can not attach scopes to it. Therefore, you’ll get a colourful skin of the gun.

Crown Tier Reward

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After you touch the Crown tier, you will get a total of 1300 fragments, which is a huge amount for anyone. There are no external rewards but you will receive 3 Rating Protection Cards. These can be used while pushing your rank as it will save you from tumbling down the rank when killed early.

Ace Tier Reward

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Only a handful of players get to have Ace title along with their name. When you reach here in Season 16, a beautiful Ace Parachute Skin will be waiting for you. As always, you will get Season Ace Title and a legendary team effect, followed by 1600 fragments.

Conqueror Tier Reward

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This is still a dream for many pro players as only top 500 players of each server are regarded as the Conqueror tier. If you are more skillful and a little lucky, a whooping reward of 2000 fragments will be given to you. Also, the Conqueror Title and Mythic Team effect will be worth getting there.

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