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PUBG Mobile organises events regularly which makes it more comprehensive for the players. Not only it brings experience, but also players can fill their inventory with exclusive rewards. The participation in these events is totally free, means you have nothing to lose. The recent addition to the event section of the game is Model Soldier Event.

This latest event rewards you with the free rewards like the Fox Outfit set, Fox Cap, AG currency, Supply Coupons and a lot more. The event begins on 19th May and will be available till 2nd June. Don’t forget to grab those exclusive items within the event period.

How to get rewards in PUBG Mobile Model Soldier Event

#1 Click the Model Soldier Event tab

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The first step is to enter the event by clicking the banner located at the home screen. You can also scroll the tab to view other things going on in the game.

#2 Complete the Missions

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You have to complete a particular set of missions of get the rewards. Once you complete the missions, points are rewarded which can be further redeemed to get the rewards. The cost of each reward is displayed on the bottom of your screen.

#3 Collect Scissors to gain Rewards

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You can even view the list of available missions that need to be accomplished. Collect scissors which will help you to spin in the event to get points.

#4 Spin to get Rewards

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Once you have enough scissors, click the golden scissor button to spin the game. You will randomly get points from all the available options. For instance, if the spin lands on Pan, you will get 40 points.

As already mentioned, the event is time-limited and is not valid after 2nd June. You have about two weeks to complete the event and get the rewards. The competitions are easy to complete and totally worth the Fox Outfit that will be active for 14 days.

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