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Several events are added in the PUBG Mobile on a regular basis. Recently, a new event is introduced that offers several skins and character outfits called as Summer Land: BP Spender.

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The event started on 20th May,2020 and will be there till 1st June,2020. This event is all about spending your BP (Battle Points). A newly introduced coveted Cheetah Set will be rewarded at the end. Although, you will be spending your BP but this offer is worth giving a try. You can use the BP in other purchases like Soldier’s Crate or BP section in the shop. Eventually you will get this reward without spending anything particular for it.

Summer Land- BP Spender

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Reward Tiers

The Cheetah Outfit come along with some more offers and is appreciated by everyone in the community. You have to spend 7,000 BP to get the set of cheetah glasses for 3 days. Also, players can spend 14,000 BP to get the same glasses for 7 days.

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The outfit will cost you around 21,000 BP but will only be available for 3 days. To get it for a full week, you need to spend double the amount- 42,000 BP.

Getting BP

Players can earn Battle Points from matches and can receive from their friends. You can also participate in various events to get free BP. Daily Missions are also a good source of filling your BP.

Summer Land- Team Up

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Another event, Summer Land- Team Up is also released during the same time. The players are supposed to play TDM matches with their friends. The event is currently active and will end on 1st June,2020.

Completing 2 TDM along with your friends will award you a Cannon that can be used to give 1000 popularity to your buddies. Moreover, the best reward awaits for you on completing 5 TDM matches, ie. AUG Rainforest Skin for 3 days.

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