PUBG Mobile: 5 New Features of 0.19.0 Update | Best Feature of Game

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If you are here after reading the title, it’s very obvious that you have already installed the latest 0.19.0 version of PUBG Mobile and are enjoying the features. This update is already getting a lot of support form the community and seems to be pretty fascinating. As the players are already busy exploring the new Livik map, we bring to you the Top 5 Features of 0.19.0 update.

New Features of 0.19.0 Update are:

The following features are some of the most effective ones. 0.19.0 update brings you many more advancements in the game, keep exploring as we bring you some of the best features.

Dynamic Holding (FPP) Feature

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If you are an FPP player or prefer switching to the FPP view during a close fight, you might have felt uncomfortable due to the gun’s position. It almost covers your screen and makes it difficult to spot enemies. But in the latest update, players would be able to see much more of their screen.

The character will hold the gun lower than it used to be in the previous versions of the game. This will enhance your visuals and you can focus on the surroundings rather than struggling with your weapon.

Lobby Team-Up

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It’s a difficult task in itself to choose a suitable team for playing a match. Moreover, you don’t want to be playing with less experienced players in the higher tiers. As the new Team-up platform is introduced in the game, you can now view various stats of the players like K/D, Top 10%, etc. you can join teams with other players or create your own squad.

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It doesn’t stop here, you will be able to call the recruiter of the team for better compatibility. With this new feature, playing a match with randoms will become easier than ever. Now you won’t complain about your teammates in-between the match.

Improved Brother in Arms

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PUBG introduced a special mentor system in the game- Brothers in Arms. The mechanics are made simpler and more convenient for both the Rookie and Veteran. Players can now switch between the roles by just clicking on a tab. Also, during the training battle, veteran and rookie will be allotted different batches for easy recognition. Social interaction is improved and players could send gifts more easily.

Customisable Kill Feed & Kill Effect

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Sometimes during a fight, kill feed appears to distract your aim and eventually makes you raged. In the new update, you can now customise the location of the kill feed, just like any other button on the screen. However, transparency will continue to remain as original.

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The kill effect got some new colours to improve visibility. You can change it as per your convenience or the surroundings of the map you are playing.

Scope Pick-up

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A new switch for Auto Scope Pick-up has been added to the settings. On turning it off, you won’t pick scopes automatically even if you are standing over a scope supply. This would avoid the chances of accidentally attaching a scope on your gun.

Stay tuned with us as we will be bringing more news about the new update, along with the exclusive Livik Map.