Valorant stands in the top 3

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Valorant came out 2nd of june 2020 and the community support has been overwhelming with Riot releasing Act 2 of Ignition the community has been growing a lot so much so that the game made it's mark on Most Popular Core PC Games. Valorant has ranked 3rd leaving behind CSGO and Minecraft arguably the most popular games of this decade.

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As of July Valorant was 3rd most popular pc game which shows how much polished and fun the game is in the current state. The game has almost 0% hackers because the devs at Riot have delivered on their promise of hacker free experience gaming. The game is fairly forgiving for newcomers of the FPS genre and is also free-to-play which makes it open to a larger audience, But this doesn't mean that the game is easy. The game has a quite steep learning curve for the grinders who want to become the very best.

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Riot has managed to get 3 of their games in the top 20 Popular Pc games of July 2020 which shows how much the devs actually care for their games and it's communities.

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Defeating Big House names such as CSGO and Minecraft is not easy especially when the games have been around for more than a decade. Kudos to the Valorant Devs for making a really enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by both casual gamers and hardcore gamers.With more to come as the Devs have promised this is but a small milestone to achieve.

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