WildRift cuts access to VPNs in order to tackle server lags and player experience

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In a tweet this morning, League of Legends: Wildrift developers have decided to cut access from the highest volume VPNs in order to tackle game-breaking problems like lag spikes in the server (for everyone, not even those using VPN) and language barriers. But there are more problems which have not yet been addressed by Riot games inc..

The developers have come upon a very harsh decision as of currently Wildrift has been the hype for mobile game mobas. Will they lose more potential players in the future or is it a good decision from Riot in the long-term?

Why there cannot be a Global open Beta

Wildrift beta FAQ
FAQs sourced from the original article

Riot has addressed these issues of not being able to provide access to select regions for open beta. Server set-up problems being the main issue and also the other regional servers not being able to handle all the player surges.

This seems like a good decision from Riot as player experience for people playing in the actual region do not have to face issues like lag which is caused by players with VPNs to spike up the server pings for everyone ultimately destroying the gameplay experience as MOBAs require a very good ping in order to showcase its fluidity and also for the players to showcase their skills. However, as of now, there are more issues that should have been addressed by Riot games inc.

So, Can you still play WildRift?

Technically, Riot has not released which VPNs will be getting banned, only that VPNs that have the highest volume of players using it to play Wildrift will be restricted access to servers. So if you are using premium VPNs, it should not be a problem. There will be, however more VPN bans coming from Riot so make sure to have back-up VPNs just in case.

wild rift vpn banned screen
You are going to get this message, if you use a free VPN

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You can play Wild Rift now with a VPN but be careful (7 step guide)

Chinese hackers using map-hack and gameplay problems

Wildrift hack video thumbnail
This youtube video has a legit tutorial on how to get hacks

The news about Chinese nicknames being accused of hacking has been circling through the Beta WildRift community. They use perspective hacks which allow them to see where the enemy is on their minimaps.

This youtube video shows hacks being used, although the legitimacy of the video is upon you to decide, but to me it seems pretty legit.

Matchmaking experience and Assigned Roles

Wildrift Matchmaking screen
Is this PC LOL

Iron players getting matched with Silvers and higher ranks in Ranked and PvP matches have been reportedly being complained about in the WildRift Community. Personally speaking, I have yet to have an experience where I get matched with a higher level player and getting thrashed without my team-mates feeding or picking wrong roles, although for other beta players this seems to be rampant.

Speaking of roles, Riot has to address the assigned roles as players from other Mobas or players who are new to the game and start playing without any prior research have been picking heroes which they like or prefer visually (Ahri mid mains who do not gank, I'm looking at you) which really spoils the game as League of Legends heroes are not very versatile on roles.

My personal advice to players is that they should avoid ranking unless they want chinese nicknames (mostly, not nitpicking anybody) pick Master Yi and go down mid lane and make it a feed lane.

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