Noble Esports announce final Wild Rift all-Indian roster, former Dota 2 pros Crowley and Swifty included.

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Noble Esports has officially announced a new Wild Rift roster for the to-be-released game (LoL:WildRift) consisting of former Dota 2 and League of Legends pros.

This has been announced via their social media handles and the team seems to be full of promise. Noble Esports have included 4 former Dota 2 players and 1 former League of Legends player from India.

The game is yet to be launched worldwide (Currently in beta in select countries) but the developers have unfortunately delayed the launch of the game in India and a few other countries to 2021 due to the pandemic. Mainly issues concerning servers have been a hindrance to the game's release.

You can play Wild Rift now with a VPN but be careful (7 step guide)

The WildRift Roster

  • Noble Esports' LOL: Wild Rift roster is:
    • Top (tank or fighter): Swifty
    • Jungle: Crowley
    • Mid/Captain: Divine
    • ADC (MM or carry): Capt Kirk
    • Support: Zapheto

Top (tank or fighter)- Swifty (former Dota 2 player)

Swifty Dota 2 player now top role for noble esports wildrift team

Jungle- Crowley (former Dota 2 player)

Crowley dota 2 player now jungler for noble esports wildrift team

Mid/Captain- Divine (former Dota 2 player)

divine is the captain of noble esports' wild rift team

ADC (MM or carry)- Capt Kirk (former LoL player)

Capt Kirk former LoL player now adc for noble esports wildrift team

Support- Zapheto (former Dota 2 player)

Zapheto former dota 2 player now support for noble esports wildrift team

Reason behind recruiting former pro moba players

Given that Dota 2 and League of Legends are two of the biggest mobas in the world, these two games also require deep understanding of their specific game mechanics and mastery of the two games are very hard to achieve. Wild Rift, however being a mobile game has been stripped down in order to ensure fluid gameplay and also to release the restrictions provided by a touch screen.

Now imagine these guys, who have years of experience with mobas and also have achieved a degree of mastery in pc mobas playing a game essentially "dumbed down" for the masses in terms of gameplay mechanics. They will probably shine in the upcoming WildRift Pro scene and we wish them all the best.

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