Tech Developer Validates Valorant Server for India Before 2020 Ends

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  • Valorant server for India has been confirmed.
  • India will get the Mumbai server before the end of 2020.
  • Bahrain will also get a new server along with the Indian Valorant server.

Valorant server for India and Bahrain before 2020 ends

Finally, Riot has announced that it will be having Valorant server for India! Huge day for Valorant players who have been playing on foreign servers all this while. The information has been published in the form of a Reddit post comment by Zealous Apathy (Valorant’s Technical Director). He has confirmed that servers for both India and the Middle East will be coming before the end of 2020.

valorant server for india announcement
The Reddit post which confirms Valorant server for India

Zealous said, "Hey friends, let me give you some info on where we're at: Middle East (Bahrain) and India (Mumbai) servers are extremely likely to arrive by end of year. We do care about these regions, and we're close to being able to announce actual dates. Neither of these locations is likely to help Kazakhstan because Kazakhstan is just a long way away from all of our game servers."

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Kazakhstan is not getting a server in the near future

He also added, "Let me be real with you: Kazakhstan will not be getting a low ping in the near future, and I couldn't say when it will. The best servers are going to either be Warsaw or Stockholm, and over time we'll try to improve routing from Kazakhstan (and nearby areas) to those servers, but they'll never be close to our "ideal" of 35ms or less."

Indian Valorant servers will boost the local players

Horrible gaming experience in India due to lag. The issue will be solved with the arrival of Valorant server for India.
Valorant Server for India will fix the horrible gaming experience due to lag

As was indicated by Sukamal Pegu, the primary objective for Riot Games in places like India, South Asia, and the Middle East is to create servers and have a community of players that will have the option to give a stage on the grassroots level. It will take the local players of these particular regions one step forward towards competing in the international arena.

Although there was not much news about Valorant after the Riot Webinar where the developers mentioned the importance of these eastern regions and how keen they were on launching servers for players from this part. This confirmation from Zealous comes as a piece of huge news for all the players from this region! Especially for the Indian players who have been playing for this long in away servers and experiencing laggy gameplay.