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After the grand finals of the VCT Masters 2 where Sentinels took home the trophy and proved the NA is the better region currently, the new cinematic trailer named DUALITY was launched which gave us many insights about the Valorant lore.

The newly released trailer gave us one of the first in-depth look at the Valorant lore to date. It was also one of the longest trailers coming in 3 minutes and 52 seconds. In this trailer, we came to know the origin of attackers and defenders. The attackers come from different earth and the mirrored earth theory was also confirmed which is arguably the biggest reveal to date. It seemed like the spike came from the mirrored earth and was invented by mirrored Killjoy.

The mirrored agents came to the real earth to detonate the spike which then would suck all the radianite from its environment. This is likely due to the fact that maybe mirrored earth is out of radianite. Also, note that the normal earth's killjoy was seeing the spike for the first time as she was shocked when she saw it. The dual earths and the mirrored earth lacking radianite is due to the First Light or Omen's split.

We also saw some changes on Bind where the new radianite boxes on B-site cubby seemed to be the most noticeable one.

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These breakdowns were done completely by Cynprel // VALORANT Lore // Art on twitter so be sure to check his twitter account for more in-depth breakdown and updates.

You can watch the cinematic trailer here:

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