Sinatraa dodges ShahZaM, ShahZaM explains the entire situation

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Two days ago, major winner SEN ShahZaM queued together with Sinatraa after getting back home from Iceland. A few rounds into the match they had to stop playing together because ShahZaM's chat started flaming at him for playing with him. I've covered the situation in my earlier post which you can check out if you want here:

Sinatraa Dodges ShahZaM in Valorant ranked:

After that day, it became clear for both the players that it's safe to not play together as both were getting a lot of heat because of it. Today, Sinatraa was queuing to play Valorant ranked and someone in his stream told him that SEN ShahZaM had queued against him, meaning he was in the opponent's team.

Sinatraa started to panic a little bit and started saying that he was not aware of it and he would've dodged it. It seemed that people watching his stream started suggesting him to dodge it during agent select i.e., to alt+F4 the game. After thinking about it for a couple of seconds, Sinatraa decided to do what his chat asked him to do and dodged the game. He then said he'll just wait for ShahZaM to queue again and find a game before he queues up again.

You can watch the clip here:

ShahZaM explains the entire situation:

ShahZaM after that match started to solo queue and was bombarded by Sinatraa's fans who hopped onto is stream and started to say that he betrayed his friend because of some random people in chat being toxic. ShahZaM seemed to get annoyed at this situation and explained himself that he only stopped playing with him was because of his chat and now even when he is trying to listen to his chat, his chat just flipped and started flaming him again for doing the thing that they asked him to do.

He added that he did not abandon him and in fact, he and Sinatraa go to the same gym every day and still are good friends in the outside world. He said he will never abandon any friend and did not think this much when he was asked to play with Sinatraa. According to him, the only reason he agreed to play was that Sinatraa asked him on the spot and he agreed without thinking much as according to him, he was queuing with just another friend and nothing more.

You can watch the clip here: