Team ParaTroops disbands after a series of controversies

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The last few days were especially tough for the emerging team ParaTroops. First, it was Xhade, and then Binks. The roster has now disbanded.

Team ParaTroops was in limelight for the last few days, initially for good and then for the ugly. ParaTroops had given a tough fight to Global Esports and defeated XTZ Esports. However, the team soon caught itself in a series of controversies. So much has happened in just a few days that it almost seems like an ugly story. Team ParaTroops has been banned by all major tournament organizers in India now. After all this, the team has announced disbandment today, 29 January 2021.

Xhade was banned by Riot games

ParaTroops' Xhade was banned on 24 January 2021 for the 'usage of third party software' on 24 January 2021. Initially, the team ParaTroops was allowed to participate in the ongoing TEC Invitational, but after the clarification by Riot Games, ParaTroops was disqualified thereby losing the ticket to the next invitational. Needless to say, Xhade was permanently banned from all Riot Games' events.

However, the team still did good in the ESPL Valorant PowerUp Qualifiers 3, where they gave Team Mahi a good run for their money.

Binks was banned by ESPL and Skyesports

Team ParaTroops had put up a good fight against Team Mahi just yesterday, 28 January 2021, and fans were expecting ParaTroops to go far. But today Binks has made some really disappointing confession.

Binks has revealed that he had shared his account with Xhade in a match ESPL India PowerUp Quals 3 because he was 'tired', Xhade was not banned at that time. It was Xhade playing in the match on behalf of Binks.

After the confession, ESPL has banned both Binks and ParaTroops for 6 months. Following ESPL, Skyesports has also banned Binks and ParaTroops for 6 months and 3 months respectively.

"Team ParaTroops and player 'Binks' will be banned from ESPL tournaments for 6 months effective immediately following a statement by Binks admitting that he had shared his account with his team to allow someone else to play on his behalf during the ESPL Valorant PowerUp India Qualifiers. It is an upsetting conclusion after such an exciting round of matches last night between ParaTroops and Team Mahi which attracted an audience of over 15,000 across multiple channels and platforms", wrote ESPL in the official announcement.

Team ParaTroops disbands

In contrast to all that has happened in the last few days, team ParaTroops have announced their disbandment today. "We team ParaTroops have decided to release the current lineup Strixx, glyph, EdiT, ezzy, Kuzuri. They will no longer be a part of Team ParaTroops as the team is disbanding and they are free to join [any] other teams", reads the official announcement.

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