This Sova Reckon Bolt bug lets you fly, and players are making flashy plays

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This Sova Reckon Bolt bug lets you fly: Valorant is an evolving game and new features and content are being added every day, and naturally, we encounter various bugs. While the majority of the bugs are obnoxious and break the game, some of them are rather interesting and fun (still they are called bugs). Among the most recent of them, one is the Sova Reckon Bolt bug, which lets you ride it in the air. Let me explain.

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A Reddit user shared a clip, in which they could be seen exploiting Sova's Reckon Bolt. When they fired the Bolt in a certain position and jumped at the same time, they got boosted in the air, as Raze does with her Satchel. Watch it yourself.

One possible reason why it was happening could be that the waves coming from the Reckon Bolt were behaving like particles. So, when Sova shoots the bolt on the ground and jumps immediately, he hops onto the particle-like behaving Reckon Bolt waves and flows through the air with it.

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Players are using the bug to create flashy highlights

Whatever be the cause of the Sova Reckon Bolt bug, players are having a lot of fun and using it to create flashy moments, since it allows you to hop over the map just like that. You can watch some of the clips below.

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