TSM Valorant: TSM defeats FaZe Clan and wins the VCT Stage 3: Main Event

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TSM Valorant: TSM defeats FaZe Clan and wins the VCT Stage 3: Main Event: Team SoloMid Valorant team won the VCT Stage 3: Main Event by defeating FaZe Clan in an amazing best of 5 series.

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TSM Valorant team after it's big overhaul and forming a team which would be capable of going head to head with some of North-America's finest Valorant teams. TSM bang shined in the entire Main Event tournament. Some say he was the most integral piece in TSM's recent success.

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In the beginning, it looked like both the teams were trolling on the first map, Ascent. FaZe BABYBAY and FaZe corey who usually play Jett and Raze respectively, picked Pheonix and Sova while FaZe Rawkus being a Sova player on Ascent, played Skye. FaZe also chose to double OP on defence with BABYBAY and Babyj.

TSM bang was seen jumping and running whilst spraying his phantom. The first map was a complete fiasco! FaZe Clan somehow managed to win the map. But from the second map, it looked like TSM were done trolling as they quickly picked up the pace and took control of the pace of the map.

TSM won all the next three maps closing the series and the tournament with a 3-1 victory! TSM bang was hands down the best player on the entire server. He carried TSM to victory by winning countless clutches and thrifty rounds. This new TSM looks more confident than ever and I am pretty sure no matter they make it to Berlin or not, they have successfully established themselves as one of the best teams in NA Valorant again!

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TSM are now set to face Team ENVY in the first round of the VCT Stage 3 NA Playoffs.

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