Frenzy, Stinger, & Marshal's new price after Valorant patch 2.03 leaked

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  • The price of Frenzy, Stinger, and Marshal is getting updated in Valorant patch 2.03.
  • Frenzy and Stinger will get costly as expected.
  • Marshal is getting cheaper after patch 2.03.

Valorant devs had hinted about the upcoming nerf to Frenzy and Stinger a few days ago. Riot's Nicholas Wu Smith had said that the price would be effective after Valorant patch 2.03. The target patch is coming out today, 17 February 2021. The patch is yet to be out, but the updated price of weapons has already leaked.

Frenzy, Stinger to get costly while Marshal gets cheaper

The new price of Frenzy and Stinger after Valorant patch 2.03 is 500 and 1100 creds respectively. Both of these weapons are getting 100 creds expensive. Frenzy and Stinger are being nerfed because of the imbalance they had created after patch 2.02.

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On the other hand, Marshal is getting cheaper. The new price of Marshal after Valorant patch 2.03 would be 1000 instead of 1100 creds. The devs had not hinted about the Marshal buff, but it is a good move. Valorant players usually do not buy Marshal because it becomes useless just after the second round when opponents buy Heavy Shields. One shot of Marshal on head deals a damage of 100 HP. However, the new buff will likely make Marshal a viable choice in the early rounds at least.

Other changes coming in Valorant patch 2.03

The new patch is bringing in a lot of new content.

New game mode: Escalation

The new game mode Escalation was revealed yesterday, 16 February 2021. The new mode will give players a chance to play will all possible combination of abilities and weapons, as it will be randomized as in Spike Rush.

New Anime themed skin set GO VOLUME 1

A new anime-themed skin set, GO VOLUME 1 was teased. The new skin set is priced at 8700 VP for the whole bundle. The new GO VOLUME 1 features five agents on the weapons, gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. We have talked everything about it here.

valorant new anime skins go volume 1

The Valorant patch 2.03 will be out anytime soon. Make sure to come back to Gamzo for the latest updates and patch analysis.

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