New Valorant Agent 15 was just teased, a female controller with cosmic abilities

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  • New Valorant Agent 15 is to be released by next week.
  • Valorant has just now teased the new agent 15.
  • Agent 15 might have a black hole ability.

Update: Valorant's 15th agent is named Astra. Astra was leaked just now, read everything here.

Valorant has teased the upcoming Ghanaian agent 15 on their social media today, 25 February 2021. The new agent 15 is to be released in a few days and Valorant has started teasing fans aggressively as the release date approaches. The new poster released by Valorant gives us some information about the new agent. The poster also reaffirms the theories being spun in the Valorant community.

Valorant Agent 15 will have a black hole ability?

Before moving forward, I would like you to observe the newly released poster.

new valorant agent 15 teaser poster

The abilities of agent 15

We have certainly go a hint towards the abilities of Agent 15 in this poster. If you observer the right bottom part of the poster, Viper is running away from something that seems to be pulling her.

The drawing looks like a black hole that is pulling Viper.

The metallic hand of Agent 15

The image has a metallic hand with a color scheme similar to other recent images in Valorant, like the Night Mode poster. Again, the hand is in line with other theories around the Valorant agent 15.

'To Do' section at the center

At the center of the poster, we have a section that lists tasks to be done probably by the new agent. The first in the list is 'refine Cosmic Divide', which probably is their ability. We have already talked about the new agent being related to the cosmos.

Valorant Agent 15 is a female character?

The last item on the to-do list is 'research nail dip' which points towards the agent being female. However, the strange part is that we don't see nails in the released poster.

Ability spots of Agent 15

Towards the right bottom of the image 'My Spots' is written along with three marked spots. These could be the spots where the agent can deploy their black hole ability maybe.

A flash ability that blinds opponents from the sky?

Apart from the poster, Valorant has also released a new 3D image that features the new Ghanaian agent. The agent can be seen using their ability on Ascent.

valorant agent 15 on ascent

This picture hints towards an ability that can be deployed in the sky. It is probably a flash that blinds opponents who look at it, like Reyna's Leer.

What do we know about Agent 15 so far?

We already know that the new agent is going to be a controller with some really powerful abilities. Valorant devs had revealed that the new agent would be for those big brain players who like to study everything going-on on the map.

What we know so far is definitely in line with the poster released today.

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