Valorant's new agent is a Controller for Galaxy Brain players: Devs

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  • Devs have hinted about the Valorant's new agent.
  • The next Valorant agent (15) is going to be a controller.
  • Galaxy Brain players will love the new controller agent, according to the devs.

Valorant's State of The Agents was released today, and the devs have talked about the upcoming Valorant agent along with Viper and Yoru. While it was already being speculated that the new agent will be a controller, the devs have confirmed it.

Valorant's Character Producer wrote, "Y’all have been asking for another Controller, and well, that’s what you’re getting next!" If we read further in the article, he has written about the new agent in such a way that it reaffirms the theories that fans have been spinning up since the Night Market 2.

Valorant's new agent will bring 'cosmic shift' to the play patterns

John wrote, "That said, our next Controller is a cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to." While at the first glance it seems to mean that the new agent will have some really out-of-the-box abilities, the choice of words suggests otherwise. He has used the word 'cosmic'. We have already been talking about an agent who is from Ghana and has some spiritual thing going on around their lore, read this for reference.

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Agent 15 will bring 'disruptive' changes to Valorant

John wrote, "We’re trying to push the boundaries when it comes to Agent abilities in VALORANT, and so far, everything we’ve thrown at you has been less disruptive than we thought they’d be. This one is for all you “galaxy brain” players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map."

It clearly means that agent 15 will have abilities more powerful than others, at least until players get accustomed to it and find the counter. Just like it happened with Yoru.

I am personally very excited for the new agent because of his 'disruptive' abilities. What do you think about it, do let us know in the comments below.

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