[Leaks] All we know about Valorant agent 15 after patch 2.03

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  • Valorant's next agent is to arrive in a few weeks.
  • We already have some info about the Valorant agent 15.
  • Patch 2.03 has added some easter eggs about the agent too.

The next agent in Valorant is to arrive in a few weeks. The patch 2.03 has added new files in game that probably point towards the 15th agent. We have already had some information about the next agent.

I wanted to compile everything we know about the Valorant agent 15 till now, after patch 2.03, so here it is.

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The 15th agent in Valorant is from Ghana

We know that the next agent is Ghanaian basically because it was teased on the Night Market card. The card also had some other interesting symbols on it which point towards a certain tribe from Ghana. The symbols also hint towards the lore and nature of the anticipated agent. I have written everything about it in detail here.

Valorant night market 2

Valorant agent 15 is a controller for 'big brain players'

Valorant devs had hinted about the Ghanaian agent being a controller for the big-brain players who like to study the map.

They had also said that the 15th agent will bring disruptive changes in terms of abilities.

The Ghanaian agent is somehow 'cosmic' related

We can see something like our planetary system in the tier 38 player card. There are orbits around a sphere. Now the player card is important because other agents too were teased in the similar manner.

valorant tier 38 player card agent 15

Moreover, the devs had also mentioned the words 'cosmic' in the last 'State of Agents' episode.

If you are still not convinced, you can watch the Escalation trailer video. At the end of the video, we see shots being fired in such a way that it forms a star. Isn't it too coincidental?

escalation mode trailer had star like structure at the end

Agent 15 might have smoke and flash abilities

We are not very sure about this one, but the Valorant agent 15 might smoke and flash utilities. We are about two weeks away from getting our next controller, and Valorant has already started teasing their next agent. Soon after the patch 2.03 update, players have started seeing glowing embers on all maps. These embers seem to be made of both flash and smoke.

embers on valorant maps, is it the teaser for valorant agent 15

One more thing to notice about the embers is that they have orbits, similar to the ones on the tier 38 player card. This reinstate the fact that our next agent is going to be somehow related to cosmos.

These are pretty much the confirmed information about Valorant's 15th agent. We definitely have a lot of things that we can't find proof of, but we are always trying. Do follow us on Google News to know as soon as we post something related to Valorant lore.

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