Valorant error 68: Valorant Mumbai servers are facing connectivity issues, again!

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Valorant error 68: Valorant Mumbai servers are facing connectivity issues, again!: Valorant Mumbai servers continue to cause frequent problems and there is still no permanent solution to this problem!

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A huge majority of Indian Valorant players are facing an issue where they are not able to even start the game. The message "We are currently experiencing an unusually large number of players. To keep everything running smoothly, we need you to hold on for just a moment." is displayed and the players are given an estimated wait time where they have to wait for the timer to reach to zero(0) seconds to enter the game.

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These connectivity issues with Valorant Mumbai servers have been existing since day 1. Although Riot Games has promised to look into the issue it appears that no action has been taken as of writing this article.

Valorant Error 68, Valorant Error 43 and Valorant Error 5 or even van 68 error are some of the errors that keep on popping up in Mumbai servers. Today, many players were removed from their respective unrated and competitive matches due to connectivity issues and weren't even able to rejoin their games due to these issues.

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However, if you want a fix for all these aforementioned errors and even other errors in general, then make sure to check our articles on how to fix them.

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