Valorant Mumbai server has crashed again today

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Valorant Mumbai server has crashed again today: Riot Games does not seem to be having a good time with Valorant Mumbai servers. Frequent server crashes and errors like Val 43 have become a staple in Indian Valorant fans' life. The servers have crashed again today, 21 July 2021, at around 8 pm. The message displayed on the screen was 'We are currently experiencing an unusually large number of players. To keep everything running smoothly, we need you to hold on just for a moment.'

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Although it has been a week since Riot Games acknowledged that Mumbai servers were having issues and promised to fix them, not a day goes by without having to deal with these issues.

Considering the recent developments, I can't help but wonder if Riot Games takes India seriously or if it is just a money-making machine by the virtue of its huge player base.

PS: I was in competitive, and I am pissed.

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