Valorant Mumbai Server: Valorant Mumbai Server down again?

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Valorant Mumbai Server: Valorant Mumbai Server down again?: Valorant's Mumbai servers are once again facing problems. Let's take a look at what the problem is this time!

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Server Vanished

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Mumbai/Indian server has just vanished from the game! The name "MUMBAI SERVER" can no longer be found in the list of servers in-game. Players playing from India or just playing on Mumbai Server are now forced to play on Singapore servers as it is the server available with the least ping when compared to other servers like Hong Kong, Tokyo etc.

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The main Issue

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A message "The following game server location is currently unavailable while we investigate an issue: Mumbai" is displayed on the Platform Status option in-game. Valorant is having this problem since last night in India. The new 3.04 Valorant patch was supposed to be released yesterday at 2AM IST(All patches get released at this time in INDIA). But this didn't happen yesterday and Indian players are stuck with the older 3.03 patch while the entire world is playing on the newest patch.

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Riot Games have said they have been investigating this issue. Mumbai servers facing some kind of issue is not news now. This is because Mumbai servers experience server crashes, server connectivity issues, players getting disconnected from the server almost every day now. Hopefully this issue get resolved as soon as possible as no one likes to play on high ping!

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