Valorant new map: Fracture map RADAR leaked

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Valorant new map: Fracture map RADAR leaked: The RADAR image of the upcoming Valorant map, Fracture is finally leaked.

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Fracture map's RADAR image

After the teaser release, seeing a few leaked images and now finally the entire map's RADAR! All these leaks have pointed out one single thing- this is the most unique map in the game as of September 2021. Let's try to match the leaked images to the map's RADAR to see how the map will look like once it's released.

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This area is believed to be A-link leading into the A-bombsite.

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This image is believed to be the b-bombsite. The letter 'B' is written on the rightmost wall.

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Attacker side spawn

This area is believed to be the attacker side spawn. The boxes at the bottom centre match the boxes on the map's RADAR at the Attacker side spawn.

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This is believed to be the underground ropes connecting the Attackers side spawn with the attackers side bridge.

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