Omen Valorant: ValoNERD #7- Omen on Ascent-Attackers side

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Omen Valorant: ValoNERD #7- Omen on Ascent-Attackers side: Let's take a look at how to play Omen on Ascent Attacking side effectively.

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Omen is a Controller. So whenever you play this agent make sure to not rush into sites without thinking anything. As a Controller, your job is to stay alive, take control of certain points of the map and enable your Duelists to take fights and open up bombsites for you. You have to play as the ideal support player in order to secure the win.


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For entering the B-bombsite, you have to place your smokes at market and CT entrances. Before even the round begins make sure you have one of your smoke lined up. I suggest to smoke market first.

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Make sure when you place your smoke, the majority of it should be inside the market door. This prevents the enemies from lurking inside the smoke.

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Smoke CT entrance as shown in the above image.

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After smoking both market door and CT, you and your team can easily enter the bombsite.

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Mid Control

You as an Omen player can smoke Catwalk and Mid so that you and your team can take mid control. Mid Control is essential on this map as teams just have one player playing mid and if your team manages to kill or even make him fall back, you can have the entire Mid to yourselves and then try to take picks or CT or A-bombsite through Market to win the round.

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Smoke Catwalk first. You can do this by placing your smoke as per the above image. Once Catwalk is smoked, you and your team can start pushing mid.

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Try to fight the Mid player to take mid control. After taking Mid control, if your team decides to take A-bombsite, I suggest smoke the Mid entrance from CT spawn.

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Now you and your team can push Market without having the fear of getting killed from Mid.

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Similar to A-bombsite, be ready with your smoke even before the rounds begins. To execute the A-Bombsite, you need to smoke two spots- Tree and Heaven. To smoke Heaven, place the smoke as shown in the image below.

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Now smoke the Tree entrance as shown in the image below. This smoke prevents enemies from peeking from Tree and Catwalk. After you take control of the site make sure to close the Tree door.

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The smokes will cover Heaven and Tree giving your team sufficient cover.

If your team decides to execute A-site by doing a Catwalk split then smoking Mid is the best thing you could do as Omen.

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The next ValoNERD will be Omen on Ascent- Defending side.

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