Valorant Patch Notes: Jett BUFF? Patch 3.07 comes with changes to Viper and Jett

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Valorant Patch Notes: Jett BUFF? Patch 3.07 comes with changes to Viper and Jett: Riot Games has just revealed the patch notes for the upcoming patch 3.07.

Patch 3.07 is all about fixing some common bugs and introducing some fixes to existing issues in the game. Some changes to the Deathmatch mode are also introduced.

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Agent Changes


Agents like Raze and Jett have abilities that help them in mobility. Their abilities help them to avoid enemy obstacles like Viper's wall. This is because they could just fly over the wall and not get decay at all. This new patch fixes this issue by applying instant decay if some agent pass through the highest portion of the wall.


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Jett’s Blade Storm kunai will now recharge after killing a training dummy or defuse practice bot.

Riot Games updates Valorant Points(VP) prices starting from September


Penalties are now removed for leaving Deathmatch early. This means that if a player decides to leave a deathmatch without completing it. He/She will not get a timeout/penalty. Also, full game participation is required to earn XP.

It is still unclear whether patch 3.07 be used during the Last Chance Qualifiers.

You can check out the complete patch notes, here.

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