Valorant promises to fix Mumbai server

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Valorant promises to fix the Mumbai server: The Mumbai servers of Valorant have been feeling buggy lately, with frequent disconnections, ping, and a bunch of other issues. Call me insane but I prefer to play on the Singapore servers on 80 ping instead of Mumbai. I feel that Valorant Mumbai servers do have an issue of hit registration (or it might just be my bad aim). Most recently, the servers went down while the Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier final match was being played for an annoying amount of time.

The good news is that the Rioters have taken notice of this and promised to fix it. They are currently 'investigating a root cause' for the Mumbai Server issues. They acknowledged in a Tweet saying, "We're aware of the recent server instability and are at work investigating a root cause. Apologies, we will have updates for you soon."

There are only 2 people as skilled as mw1 in the Indian Valorant scene: Hellf exclusively on VCC, mw1, and the Excali fiasco

The Mumbai servers have been unstable resulting in a buggy hit registration, which makes you feel insecure about your aim. Several users have also reported frequent disconnections, and to make it worse, Valorant has a strict AFK penalty.

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